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I’m definitely an artist, and I’m definitely a fighter". GM Walter Browne 

727 Fremont street,Las Vegas, NV,89101, next to Container Park (inside the Learning Village). Friday 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm and Saturday 11-3.

We will be closed on Saturday July 4th. Have a safe and happy 4th!

For the chess action of the June 12-13 weekend please click on the link at the end. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all our supporters. We will be closed next for the National Open tournament June 19-20. June 12-13 weekend chess.

We are getting close to the National Open and we are wrapping up our activities before it. We will be there either helping out or playing . Good luck to our players. To see the review of latest play, click on the following link  June 5-6 weekend.


If you want to know what is going on with chess in our city you should click in the following link  May 29-30 Review

For more info and results click on the logo.

Things are getting to get warm here in Las Vegas. Last week we had a lot of fun at the National Open, and resumed our local activities with the club blitz championship 2015. Click here for more info June 26-27.

Schedule updates until mid August 2015.

 July 3-31, one round every Friday, The Summer Classic, 5 SS, G75,+ 30,USCF rated, EF $20 for the five rounds.

August 7-8 our next weekend tournament celebrating the second anniversary of the club in Downtown. LVCC club championship 2015: 5ss, G/60,+ 15, USCF rated, EF $15, 3 sections(Open, U1900, U1600. Trophies for 1,2 and 3 of every section. Rounds: Friday August 7th: R1 6 pm, R2 8.30 pm. Saturday August 8th: R3 11 am, R4 1.30 pm, R5 4 pm.


Naomi Santiago rated 1761 is the Nevada State representative for the 2015 Girls invitational tournament. She needs our help! Click here to donate

Thank you to our sponsor for their generosity, we appreciate it a lot!

Scholastic Program

Every Saturday  with the following schedule:

11 to 12 pm: Chess coaching.

12 to 2 pm: mini tournament, USCf rated. For more info about this program please contact us 702-202-1797,to register Click here

We welcome players of any age and any skills level. We offer free coaching for beginners and casual chess, we also provide all the equipment needed. 


Visit our facebook page for updates and more info.