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The best indicator of a chess player's form is his ability to sense the climax of the game. B Spassky

727 Fremont street,Las Vegas, NV,89101, next to Container Park (inside the Learning Village).Saturdays 12 to 6

Very important!!  We are  meeting at the cafeteria of St Viator Catholic school at 6 pm on Fridays, the address is 4246 S Eastern St, 89119. Saturday at the Learning Village 12 noon.

2015 NEVADA STATE SCHOLASTIC INDIVDUAL AND TEAM CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS March 21st 2015 The Learning Village 727 Fremont Street Las Vegas 89101
A USCF Rated Tournament in 4 Sections open to Nevada residents or students K – 3 and K – 5 6 rounds, Time Control Game/25, d5 K – 8 and K – 12 5 rounds, Time Control Game/25, d5 rounds 1 & 2, Game/45, d5 (rounds 3 – 5)
Individual and Team Trophies will be Awarded!
Every player who scores more than 50% will win a medal or trophy!
All players will receive a participation award.
Entry Fee: $30 if postmarked or received by March 1. Late Registration $40 by March 19, $60 on site. USCF Membership required: $20 for new or renewing members with entry.
Schedule: Round 1 starts at 9:30 a.m. and subsequent rounds start about 15 minutes after the previous round ends. Lunch is included and will be served between 11:30 and 1:00. Players registering after 8:30 may not be paired for round 1.
The winner of the K – 12 section will represent Nevada at the Denker Tournament of High School Champions in August. The Winner of the K – 8 section will represent Nevada in the Barber Tournament of K – 8 Champions. The top scoring girl will represent Nevada in the National Girls Invitational Tournament. Nevada Chess provides a subsidy for these representatives.

 Mail to Nevada Chess PO Box 90925 Henderson, NV 89002 by March 16 or enter and pay online at . 

Coaches submitting 4 or more entries may wish to use the form at

We ran two tournaments this past weekend: The Downtown Master Series I and our regular G/40,5 d on the rainy Sunday. The first one was won by NM Mike Zaloznyy with 4.5 points after an important victory over FM Dan Durham in a very complicated game, worth analyzing. Dan had a perfect score before the last round 4/4. Congratulations to Mike on his win and thanks to all the participants!

The Downtown Chess Fest was held at the Learning Village on December 5-7. The Open Section was won by GM Timur Gareev and IM Dionisio Aldama with 4.5 points out of 5.The U2000 section was won by Jeff Hardin from Arizona and the U1600 section by Joseph Willoughby from Las Vegas for more info Click here

 Saturday the All Catholic schools scholastic chess that drew 70 kids, the organization was top notch, we would like to recognize head coach Virgil Reyes, Eileen Palacio, Dan Morgan, Janet Ronan , Barry Lazarus and Sabrina Jauregui for making this tournament a big success. Also thank to St Viator school for all the support. Michael Gabat took clear first, Liberty Leano second and third was shared by Aaron Araujo, Ethan Samson,Vincent Palacio, BryceLam and Alec Viloria. For more detaisl look at the X tables at the end of the this post.
Saturday afternoon we ran two Quads at the Learning Village., the Open was won convincingly by FM Dan Durham, who is getting in tremendous form. The challenger section was won by a very promising player Ishan Saran.
On Friday night the second round of the tournament dedicated to the memory of Bobby Fischer was played

For more info and register click on the logo.

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We welcome players of any age and any skills level. We offer free coaching for beginners and casual chess, we also provide all the equipment needed.