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Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation
(Max Euwe)

727 Fremont street,Las Vegas, NV,89101, next to Container Park (inside the Learning Village). Friday 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm and Saturday 11-3.

We have a Champ! NM Mike Zaloznyy became the first ever Las Vegas Chess Center champion, He and FM Alberto Hernandez tied for first,  Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants! Click here for more info

A busy chess weekend in Downtown Las Vegas, two tournaments ran simultaneously: The first ever club championship and the LVCC summer scholastic tourney; a total of 57 players participated, although not everyone played every round due to work schedule, the effort is greatly appreciated. The highlight of the event was the sponsorship by The Nevada Virtual Academy, thanks to it we were able to provide a lot of trophies, medals, and lunch for all the kids, and more importantly everyone went home with a prize. We would like to thanks the Nevada Virtual Academy for their help, special thanks to Joy and Jackie, we are proud and grateful for the opportunity of working with such a great people! click here for more info.

For more info and results click on the logo.

We have a team on the USCL! We drew our first match against the Arizona Scorpions for more details. Our second match will take place on September 2nd,all the games are being played on the ICC. To support our team join us at the Learning Village at 6.00 pm. click on the following link for  review, also check our youtube channel out. Las Vegas Desert Rats Team

Our attendance numbers are sky rocketing , last Friday we had 34 players on the Back to school tournament, our Saturday numbers are looking goo too. Thanks for your support! For our a review click here August 28-29

Schedule for August - September 2015.

August 14-September 11 Back to School tournament. One round every Friday.

August 25th( Wednesday)our team, the Las Vegas Desert Rats, will debut on the USCL playing against the Arizona Scorpions, everyone is invited to the Learning Village for this event.




Thank you to our sponsor for their generosity, we appreciate it a lot!

Nevada Virtual Academy is sponsoring our scholastic chess tournament on August 8th at the Learning Village, thanks! 

To register and more information, please click on the following link LVCC CHAMPIONSHIP

Scholastic Program

Every Saturday  with the following schedule:

11 to 12 pm: Chess coaching.

12 to 2 pm: mini tournament, USCf rated. For more info about this program please contact us 702-202-1797,to register Click here